Accreditations and Quality Testing

Nutradeen honey is governed by the processes of the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), which traces supply chains for ensuring authenticity and quality of Australian manuka honey.  

In order to utilise the Mark of Authenticity of the AMHA, a Certificate of Analysis is provided from accredited and independent third party scientific laboratories for every batch of Manuka honey we produce and market.   Nutradeen Australian Manuka Honey (the product of Heaven Sent Speciality Products and Services Pty Ltd) is tested by an Australian university laboratory to verify authenticity.  It has also been re-tested by Egyptian Government authorities on importation into Egypt. 

Measures are taken of MGO (methylglyoxal) and DHA (dihydroxyacetone).  The level of MGO determines the level of antibacterial potency.   The level of DHA indicates authenticity by tracing the honey to nectar from active Leptospermum plants. 

You can see from these test results that – although Nutradeen claims only strengths of 100+ MGO, 250+ MGO, 550+ MGO and 850+ MGO – in fact the strength is always in excess.  This is an indication of our bona fides.


Thus if you receive a bottle of Nutradeen honey with a Mark of Authenticity you can be certain that you have genuine Australian Manuka Honey of the strength and potency that is on the label. 

To bear the ‘Authentic’ mark, products must be tested to contain at least 

85 mg/kg (or ppm) methylglyoxal (MGO)

170mg/kg (or ppm) dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

All Nutradeen Manuka strengths except for our 30+ strengths of Manuka Honey for everyday usage, meet the requirements to bear the AMHA Authentic Mark, and we are moving to utilise this mark on all our labels. 

To bear the ‘Authorised’ mark, products must be tested to contain at least :

30 mg/kg (or ppm) methylgloyoxal (MGO)

60 mg/kg (or ppm) dihydroxyacetone (DHA)


In addition, the Egyptian Government has also confirmed that our honey meets all its food safety standards, and has conducted necessary laboratory testing to verify our claims, as shown by the documentation of the Customs Authority of the Ministry of Finance.  Nutradeen Australian Manuka Honey is the first to achieve this in Egypt.